15 Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer

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If you are running out of ways to keep your kids occupied during lockdown, you don't need to worry - Pottiagogo have you covered! There are plenty of fun ways to spend time as a family and make those long lasting memories.

From encouraging your child’s inner creativity with arts and crafts to unleashing their energy with outdoor family activities. So without further ado, here are 15 activities to keep your kids entertained this summer during lockdown...

1. Play hide and seek

The perfect game to play - indoors or outdoors! Make all the nooks and crannies in your home as child-safe as possible before playing, this will provide fun for all the family.

2. Bake a cake

Family Baking

Unleash your inner Mary Berry and bake a cake! A great way to teach your child the basics of baking and it will definitely be a hit with the whole family too. 

3. Make a scrapbook

Family Scrapbook

Grab your child’s favourite little trinkets, along with old tickets from fun days out, postcards from holidays, photographs from their earliest years (and whatever else you wish) and put them in a scrapbook together for safe keeping. Especially with the free time you have during lockdown, you can look back at this scrapbook for some of your favourite memories with the kids.

4. Wash the car

Children love any excuse to play with garden hose pipes and water guns. With the summer weather, it is the perfect time to ask them to help you with washing the car (I would take any help I can get!) 

5. Decorate some garden rocks

When you next go outside to exercise, try to collect as many smooth rocks as you can. When you return home, get the kids to get the paint pots out and start decorating the rocks you collected together. Once painted, you can draw on them using markers - get creative! 

6. Cook dinner together

Now that the evening commute is a distant memory for many, why not use this extra time to teach your child this very necessary life skill? Make it fun using some of these yummy recipes

7. Go on a bike ride or a family walk

Family Bike Ride

Use your daily exercise to see more of your local area by bike or by foot- just make sure to keep a safe distance from others. It is so important to get the kids out everyday, as a simple activity such as walking gently improves circulation which increases your system's levels of adrenaline and endorphins. Higher levels of these hormones improve vitality and mood.

8. Make a healthy smoothie

Make something delicious but healthy for the kids in the summer weather. Why don’t you follow these easy yummy recipes together?

 9. Learn a foreign language

With a lot of families not being able to travel this year or go abroad, why don’t you learn a foreign language together? Online tools such as Duolingo, Gus on the Go, and Little Pim, to name a few, are brilliant for first time learners.

10. Do a TikTok dance challenge

Over lockdown, TikTok has had a surge in the amount of accounts being created on the app. With viral dance challenges and fun videos to create, why don’t you and the kids get together and create some upbeat videos with some of your favourite songs? 

11. Dig a flower bed

If you have a garden, during lockdown you will undoubtedly want to spend as much time in it as possible. And why not make it look as pretty as possible, by adding some flowers? Children love to get messy so this muddy task will definitely make their day brighter.

12. Make Ice lollies

Ice Lolly Moulds

With it being summer, now is the perfect time to enjoy some ice lollies in the back garden. Use an ice lolly mould and some fruit juice to create some scrumptious ice lollies to enjoy when the sun shines.

13. Decorate their bedrooms

Probably you and your kids lack the novelties of everyday life. So why not let them spruce up their bedrooms with fresh new paint, or rearrange their furniture during lockdown to help prevent boredom.

14. Facetime the grandparents

Facetime the grandparents

During lockdown many of us miss our grandparents. Even a prompt call is sure to keep your kids and parents happy. After all, a grandma's virtual embrace is better than absolutely no embrace.

15. Build a pillow fort

Everyone loves a well built fort, whether you are an adult or a child. So grab some sofa cushions, bed sheets and fairy lights and make a cosy fort to escape to when lockdown blues kick in…

We hope you loved our ideas - and hopefully the kids do too!

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