8 Travel Essentials For Mums with Toddlers

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Travelling with toddlers can present parents with a whole new set of challenges, not least when there is a child who is potty training. But although there may be difficult moments, the process of potty training shouldn’t prevent your family from getting away and experiencing memorable adventures. Days out, Summer holidays and stay-cations with potty training toddlers are still possible with the help of the Pottiagogo Folding Travel Potty along with a few other simple tricks. Keep these essential tips in mind and you’ll be prepared for any trip with your toddler.

1. Don’t start potty training right before a big trip

Even toddlers who swiftly catch on to potty training usually take several weeks to master the process enough to hit the road. Giving your child time to completely train at home is necessary before you take them on a big trip. Unfamiliar circumstances can increase the likelihood of accidents and can even occasionally cause a regression within toddlers. So, look for a several week gap in your busy family-life and travel schedule to fully commit to get through the tough stages of potty training.

2. Pack an extra set of clothes...and then pack another

Even when you think your child has fully mastered potty training, there is still the chance of an accident. Sometimes they can’t get to a bathroom on time, especially when they are in an unfamiliar place. So, it's important to bring a full change of clothes (and sometimes two changes). You may want to consider a bag which is perfect for carrying any wet or soiled clothing.

Top Tip: Pack a spare set of clothes if travelling by train or flying. It could make all the difference if there’s an accident while your child is on your lap or experiences motion sickness.

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3. Bring along a portable potty

Taking a portable potty like the Pottiagogo may help alleviate anxiety and accidents. Public toilets aren’t usually the most hygienic environments nor are they always accessible when your little one needs to go.

Toddlers can find large and unfamiliar bathrooms a frightening place to suddenly be in. The Pottiagogo is an affordable and lightweight alternative that is perfect for airports and aeroplane bathrooms. If you're on a road trip, consider bringing along a Pottiagogo portable potty in the boot of your car or in your suitcase as it's easy to fold up and take anywhere.  


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When your child has just started to get used to the potty, make them feel safe and comfortable. The right potty in those first few weeks and months will help your child stay calm, relaxed and happy to go to the toilet. And it can be a miracle for parents with toddlers in any setting, whether that’s on the beach, in the park or out in a restaurant.

4. Talk through what's ahead 

Preparing your toddler will help them feel less anxious about strange situations, like being in an airport or on a plane. Before flying with your newly potty trained toddler, you should try to familiarise them with what to expect by showing photos of the airport, public bathrooms or even showing them that their potty can come with them. Your toddler should then be more at ease when faced with these situations in real life!

5. Make public bathrooms feel less scary 

Sometimes the noise alone from a flush could form a terrifying memory that sends your child back to square one with potty training.

If your child is easily startled by loud noises, consider packing a set of toddler headphones so they can listen to some fun music or watch a cartoon while in the bathroom to muffle these loud noises. These will also come in handy when taking off or landing on a flight!

6. Make it fun whenever possible 

Toddlers love doing things on their own, we know, but this independence doesn’t always result in the cleanest outcomes. An example would be when there is no step-stool for them to wash their hands in a restaurant bathroom, you could give them a boost up and make reaching the sink feel that bit more playful and less messy.

7. Keep the essentials accessible

Dry toilet paper may be difficult to dispose of while on the road, depending on what your toddler has eaten. Keep a pack of wet wipes on you as well as a pack of biodegradable potty liners to collect waste. Keep your hand sanitiser accessible as well, so you don't rummage through your entire bag to find it!

8. Praise your little one - they deserve it!

Talk to your toddler as though you are on the same team - give high fives to your little one for making it to the potty. We promise those little moments of running together to the bathroom, seeing all the different bathrooms out there in the world (through the eyes of a child), and waiting behind your car while your little one gets a tinkle in the travel potty are worth it. 

On hand to help take the stress out of potty training, the Pottiagogo™ travel potty gives parents everywhere a simple and portable solution to potty training on the gogo. Find out more about the Pottiagogo Folding Potty Range

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