Potty training approach for a Boy - Keeping it Real with April

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Hi everyone welcome to our April update featuring real stories from real mums. This week we talk to April mum of 4, 3 boys and a girl about life and challenges she has experienced when potty training her children.

How old are your children?

April: My boys are aged 11 and 6 and my youngest is just 18 months old and potty just about ready to start potty training. My daughter is 8.

What thoughts do you have for Mums who are worried about potty training boys?

April: Well firstly I would say relax because kids do pick up on your anxiety. I have been through this quite a few times and and really don't worry if it feels like your boy starts potty training later than your daughter as this is all totally normal. I'm not sure why but each of my sons potty trained at around 3 years old and my daughter was a whole year earlier!

What can be the upside of having older siblings in your family?

April: I found that this was really helpful as simply the younger ones copy the older ones and they all want to grow up so quickly!

How do you cope with travelling and potty training?

April: We always use public loos where ever possible but sometimes you just need to have a potty for both wees and poos. I always have a travel potty in the back of my car as road side toilet stops are frequent. I also carry lots of wetwipes and hand gel for the kids to use on bums and hand gel for very very clean hands as you just never know what might happen. I would advise always plan for the unexpected.

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