Christmas Present Ideas For Toddlers

Christmas Present Ideas For Toddlers

‘Tis the season for gift giving! It’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve hit a roadblock when trying to think up ideas for what to get your toddler for Christmas. That being said, it might help to focus on covering different categories of toys for your toddler rather than the specific toys themselves. With that in mind, let’s get started on what types of toys make up the perfect gifts!

Bath time toys

Bath time is an evening ritual in many households and often it is filled to the brim with innocent laughter and bubbles. It is a time that parents and children often treasure and a bath time toy could make the event extra fun. During bath time, children are excited by the water, bubble bath and splashing, so why not add to the fun and invest in good quality bath toys that will last them throughout their childhood? 

A bath time toy such as a motor boat or foam letters to stick on the sides of the bath can be stimulating for your child and encourage learning in a fun environment, whilst helping to make memories to cherish all at the same time.

Age-appropriate books

Although it may not seem as exciting as an electronic gift in the modern world we live in, a child can easily get lost in a book and it can spark creativity and imagination. If your child enjoys a bedtime story being read to them, giving them a book could be especially perfect for them, so that you can read the book together as part of their bedtime ritual and develop your bond further.

Their future teachers will also thank you later as this encouragement to read will help to develop their reading skills and vocabulary; often without them even realising. Whether it is a factual book or fictional book, the benefits are endless and your choices are pretty much limitless too, due to the wonderful array of age-appropriate book options out there.

Musical toys

Although often detested by many parents due to the noise they create, musical toys such as drums, cymbals or castanets really can help to awaken your child’s senses, build concentration and may even result in them taking a musical instrument up as a hobby in later life, so there are lots of benefits to them. 

They can also be a great gift that all the family can get involved with and create joyous memories; particularly over the Christmas holidays. Often musical geniuses started off with a musical toy as a child; could your child be the next musical superstar? Why not gift them a musical toy and see!

Cognitive toys

Where possible, it is great to give a toddler a cognitive toy to encourage brain development. Whether it be flashing lights on a toy car that keeps them engaged or simply them being able to look at themselves in an age-appropriate mirror, they will no doubt be glued to the toy and likely take it with them wherever they go. 

Another wonderful cognitive toy that is also multi-purpose is a set of stacking cups. They can build a tower with stacking cups, or hand them out like pretend cups of tea, which encourages them to use their hands and develop motor skills from a young age.

The Essentials

It’s nothing to be ashamed about if you bulk up your child’s gifts with essential items which see them through the years. Whether it be toothpaste, shampoo or a new potty in preparation for potty training or reigniting encouragement for potty training, it’s worth including as a gift. Plus gifts like these help instill appreciation for what parents provide for their child throughout the year. You would be surprised how many parents wrap up essential items around Christmas time and I suppose there is no time like the present to encourage children to appreciate the essentials they have. Find out more about our Pottiagogo potties.

Given what we have covered above, one tip you might like to keep  in mind when gifting this Christmas is to give a variety of small gifts which cover all areas in terms of supporting development and creating enjoyment, rather than spending lots on a trendy toy that your child might grow out of in the coming months. You never know you and your child might get more fulfillment out of it in the long run!

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