Getting out and about with your baby and toddler as the seasons change.

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It’s official Autumn is here. The leaves are falling, the thermostat is begrudgingly on, and the spiced pumpkin latte has returned to a coffee shop near you. Let’s be honest, as it gets colder and probably wetter, it can be tempting to stay home and hibernate until the sun makes a welcome return, especially with two small children to manage. However, we know with a baby and toddler in tow, sometimes getting outside can make a world of difference to everyone’s mood. So this article will cover some tips for getting out and about with two little ones to make life a little easier this winter. 

Be prepared for any weather

Yes, the cliche is true; there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices! Kids, adults and even babies can enjoy a trip outside in any conditions as long as you have the right gear and clothing. The first rule of dressing for colder weather is to layer up. 

For your baby, this means popping on one more layer than you would yourself and ensuring you have a waterproof cover for your pram that is easy to fit. I say this because some of the ones supplied with buggies are almost always near impossible to pop on quickly if the weather turns wet and windy! Oh, and don’t forget a cosy blanket or footmuff to keep the chill off your smallest one in the buggy.

For the active toddler, grab some waterproof trousers or an all-in-one puddle suit and wellies to make even the wettest day fun at the park. Having a water-resistant change bag with pockets like the Pottiagogo changing backpack is also a must for those damp days as they keep all your essentials dry and easy to access when you are on the go.

Be prepared to deal with the call of nature

You can do everything right. Fresh nappy before you leave, toddler put on the toilet before leaving the house and drinks limited to reduce the chances of nature calling. But sure enough, at some point during your outing, someone will need either a fresh nappy or to use the potty, and murphy’s law says this will happen at the most inconvenient moment. 

Public toilets can be hugely overwhelming for a potty-training toddler, so whilst whipping out a travel potty on a cold day might not appeal, it could be the most practical option to keep them feeling safe and secure. Your toddler will be less concerned about getting a cold bottom than they would be about being popped on a strange toilet. 

If you’ve opted for a forest or countryside walk, public toilets are likely to be few and far between. So having easy access to your toddler’s potty on the go is a must. The new pottiagogo changing bag has a travel potty pocket so you can quickly access everything you need for your potty training toddler quickly and easily, including room for wipes and an emergency change of clothes, all in the same compartment to save you from getting in a muddle at a crucial moment. 

When it comes to changing your baby outdoors, the last thing you want them to feel is cold and scared. However, if they have soiled themselves, they would be much more comfortable after a quick alfresco change. 

If you like to wander off the beaten track on outdoor adventures, we highly recommend investing in a padded thermal changing mat - like our new teddy bear change mat. Its thermal properties will keep your baby warm during their change, and it features cuddling arms to make your baby feel more secure and helps keep them in place whilst you do the necessary - handy if they are a wriggler! It’s perfect for public toilets where you can safely lay your cosy mat out on the changing table, knowing they are clean and comfortable on a warming mat.

Always keep your bag packed

If you are anything like me, getting everything together to get out the door is half the battle of getting out the door with a baby and toddler. So, I find it easier to repack my bag after every outing. Then, when we next decide to brave the outdoors, Just add snacks and feeds for both children and off we go. But, of course, that’s after finding our wellies and toy of the hour, which changes with every outing. 

We are not here to teach you to suck eggs. We know you are already smashing parenting, but here’s a little guide to some of the extras you might want to add to your changing bag stocklist for those colder days and when your older baby is potty training:

  • Sunscreen - yes, little ones can still get sunburnt in winter, so don’t remove it after the summer clearout.
  • Mittens for both the little and big ones to keep those fingers toasty.
  • Warm hat.
  • A thermal changing mat for more comfortable nappy changing. NEW! Pottiagogo changing mat
  • Warm change of clothes for both - If you are heading outside for an autumnal adventure, at some point, someone is going to come running with a soggy sock or bottom. So keep some light clothes with thermal properties in your bag for a quick change anywhere.
  • A light blanket because sometimes babies will need a little more warmth.
  • A travel potty - that fits neatly into your backpack, so you don’t have to carry multiple bags.
  • Carry extra liquids, whether milk for the baby or water for your toddler, to keep everyone hydrated on the cooler days.

All of the above fit neatly into the NEW! Pottiagogo Changing Bag, which has ten unique pockets for everything you need, including one specially designed to carry a travel potty and thermal pockets to keep your liquids and meals warm or cool. It’s the most convenient way to store all your baby and toddler winter essentials that also has space for everything mum and dad need too. 

We hope you and your family enjoy many a winter outing with your baby and toddler. Remember to make it fun and ensure everyone is warm and fed; you can’t go wrong!

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