Getting ready for School - July Potty Training Countdown Part 2

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Potty training is a big step for a little person, and it’s important to realise that no two children are the same. Some children may struggle with potty training and others may suss out potty training in a couple of days. It is also worth considering that although a child may get to grips with potty training in the house, a familiar travel potty is essential when it comes to being out in public or starting nursery. Potty training may regress when other factors and an unfamiliar environment come into play.

We are proud to bring you some real-life hints and tips, after a lot of talking to a lot of Parents and Carers from the growing Pottiagogo community, for you to put into practice in the month of July.  

Our aim is to make it no nonsense and as easy and stress free as possible and to get you and your little one out enjoying life regardless of the ‘potty stage’.

There are (3) key phases to building your child's toilet training and learning experience. They work as part of a learning cycle. The phases are (1) Prepare (2) Practice (3) Experience

In the real world, in real life, these phases often overlap and are not definitive stages. The time it takes varies by child and that’s why it is so difficult to provide a definitive guide. But our view is to keep positive and celebrate moving forward, expect a few hiccups and don’t worry about any little accidents. Read Getting ready for School Countdown Part 1 for info on the learning Phases 1 & 2.

Now you're ready for Phase 3.

Phase 3: Experience it everyday!

The whole point of this journey is to get our little ones to be happy about using a toilet. One of the ways to do this is to make it an everyday expectation of how we all behave when we need to go to the loo. At first, you may find it easier to take Pottiagogo on a short trip to a friend's garden or on a short walk to the local park to help build your child’s confidence. 

Encourage your child to practice using the Pottiagogo when neither of you are in a stressed situation. 

This helps create a positive learning experience. Then why not try to build up your experience together by using Pottiagogo in busier situations like at the zoo or on a bus and in enclosed situations like on the floor in public toilet cubicles.  Consistency of approach and belief in your child's ability to learn will help to  build confidence all round.

Top Parents Tip - Ditch the Pull Ups!

If your child has all the signs they are ready there will be a point where you will have to just go for it and ditch all nappies and pull ups with no turning back. Yes of course there may be a few accidents but how bad can it really be? 

If you choose to consistently use your Pottiagogo and lots of positive encouragement, your child's self belief will continue to build.

Top Parents Tip - Unlike other potties, the Pottiagogo seat is designed to look and feel like an adult toilet seat. Our research indicates, and our community confirms, that this helps kids in getting used to the feeling of how a grown up toilet looks and feels. Our potty also sits a bit higher off the ground too so is better for slightly taller kids (our Mums told us they needed this).  As your child progresses he/she will build her confidence levels about trying to use a regular toilet. 

Top Parents Tip - Pottiagogo is a unique travel toilet solution so we know of lots of our Parents have a Pottiagogo within arms reach everywhere they go.  In the buggy, in the rucksack, in the boot of the car.

We know of lots of families who are planning to use Pottiagogo for kids as a little loo whilst at the beach hut or camping at Festivals this summer. 

Remember all kids are different and some become experts quicker than others but if you take the time to prepare and practice together you will get there.

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