How Long Should My Toddler Sit On The Potty & Other Common Potty Questions

The transition from nappies to potty is not always a seamless process. Here at Pottiagogo, we have conducted some research and found some common potty training questions that may help you as a parent, when going through what can be, a tough time potty training. 

How long should my toddler sit on the potty and other common potty questions

What can I do if my child has difficulty making it to the bathroom in time? 

Put the potty wherever your toddler is, even if that means that you leave it in their bedroom while playing, in the family room when watching TV, or out in the garden. You can progressively increase the distance they have to travel to get to the potty over time.

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How can I try to keep my child dry throughout the night?

If your child makes use of the potty during the day, it may take up to a year to get dry at night. Some children will wear pull-ups around the clock through nursery but this may not be helpful at all to help with your child's learning. Perhaps just take the plunge and go without a nappy for the night and see what happens if you trust your child to learn quickly.

My 2-year-old daughter knows what a potty is and what to do, but I can't get her to stay on the potty long enough for her to go.  What should I do?

In order to potty train your child effectively, your child must recognise the urge to go to the toilet. If they are sitting on the potty for long periods of time, they obviously don’t have to go but it is good for them to feel what sitting without a nappy feels like. But don’t worry - most parents have a few false starts before success.

How long should my toddler sit on the potty and other common potty questions

Why won't my son go to the potty at home? At school he goes to the toilet for his nursery carer but at home, he just sits there.

Potty training typically occurs more gradually in one setting than another. Encourage potty training for your son by letting him know that you are interested in his advancement at school. But let him learn at his own pace, which is the best way to make sure potty trips go smoother. It's the luck of all parents that our kids show us their true selves. Sometimes children want to "perform" best for their teachers and babysitters, but can be more unconcerned about learning activities at home. 

How can I get my 2 year old to tell me she has to go potty before she does it?

The first step to help her know when she wants to go or has gone is no longer using pull up nappies and getting her special ‘big girl’ pants.  Pull up nappies eliminate the feeling of wetness that can be helpful in developing greater self awareness.. Scheduled potty breaks can also help to build the habit of using the toilet. Start as soon as she wakes up in the morning or from a nap and sit in the toilet every 2 hours for a few minutes. Celebrate the achievements and be prepared to wash a lot of wet underwear!

My daughter is a very heavy sleeper and usually does not wake up to use the bathroom during the night. Do you have any suggestions on how to get her to use the bathroom during the night?

The brain's ability to "wake up" when the bladder is full is a developmental milestone which occurs at different ages. Unfortunately, by putting her in underwear, you can't "teach" her to wake up and hoping she'll wake up because she'll feel wet. 

You are more likely to end up with a frustrated child. To build a helpful habit some parents lift the child onto the toilet at night even when they are half asleep to see if they want to go.

How long should my toddler sit on the potty and other common potty questions

What can I do to help my 2 year old son who is ready to use the potty, but is afraid of it? 

It is a normal fear and one that only time, help and space will alleviate. Let your son discover the potty in his own time. Perhaps show him how you sit on the toilet and let him sit alongside you to copy what you do. Ultimately, he'll want to copy the way others use the potty. 

Good luck!

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