Pottiagogo’s ‘Potty Talk & Training’ Series with Laura @life_as_mrsg

Conversations about real life potty training experiences whilst travelling with toddlers and solutions from real Mums brought to you by Pottiagogo - the best travel potty and biodegradable potty liners


Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Pottiagogo’s ‘Potty Talk’ Series.  

In this series, we interview influential parents to have an open conversation on the topic of potty training. We at Pottiagogo are thrilled to say that this topic has brought about plenty of open and frank conversations about the highs and lows of potty training. We hope it will help you all to talk a bit more about your worries and frustrations around potty training and allow parents to start feeling more comfortable when talking about their child’s potty training journey.

We would like to introduce Laura to our ‘Potty Talk’ series. Laura is a Mum to 2 year old Ava and a Motherhood and Lifestyle influencer, who can be found on Instagram (@life_as_mrsg) capturing life's beautiful moments with her family. Laura has kindly agreed to share her potty training experiences with the Pottiagogo community.

Let’s find out more about Laura and her recent potty training experience 

How many children do you have and how old are they?

One little girl called Ava

What region of the country do you live in? 

North East, England

What baby/toddler presents would you recommend that helped their developmental milestones? 

Walker/push along toys

How old was your child when you first started potty training and how did you know they were ready? 

In between 18-24m we started introducing the potty just by having it in our living room and explaining what it was uses for.

Just before she turned 2 she was asking to have a poo in the potty and after her 2nd birthday she was wanting to wee in it too.

She looked uncomfortable in her nappy and always told us when she had gone in her nappy.

What were your biggest potty training challenges? 

After around 2 weeks of potty training my daughter really didn't like pooing at all anymore in the toilet potty or nappy so that was difficult to overcome

Do you have any funny/embarrassing potty training stories? 

I took my daughter to the park, she said she needed a wee so we ran to the toilet - she made it and had a wee in the toilet (yay!). We went back to the park and she climbed up the slide. She then said she needs another wee (strange) so I said "okay, come down the slide and we will run again".

She came down the slide. It wasn't a wee. It was a poo. She had already done it. All the way down the slide

Why do you love your Pottiagogo? 

It's so easy to carry around wherever we go!

How often do you take your Pottiagogo on your travels?

Every time we go somewhere that I know doesn't have toilets

What are your top potty training tips to advise other parents?

Keep calm, they will get there eventually.

Also don't stress if they take a major step back and start having a lot of accidents- I'm told its normal!

Sticker charts helped us immensely, I would definitely recommend!

Thank you Laura for your frank and honest answers! 

We will watch out for all slides in the future and make sure we have plenty of wipes handy! We are so glad to hear that our travel potty is helping you get out and about when you are potty training Ava.

To our readers, we have a secret tip to share as our potty also doubles up as a little emergency toilet that can be used by slightly older kids too. It also weight less than a bottle of water and is slightly bigger than an Amazon fire so really easy to put in your bag.

We hope you have enjoyed our ‘Potty Talk’ series with Laura.

Come back next month to hear more potty training stories and tips from real parents!

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To find out more about Laura and her life with Ava, check her out at @life_as_mrsg

Featured image from @life_as_mrsg

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