Pottiagogo’s ‘Potty Talk & Training’ Series with Hannah @hannah_woodcock

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The summer is nearly here and everyone is thinking about how and when to potty train their toddler so welcome back to Pottiagogo’s ‘Potty Talks’. 

Conversations about real life potty training experiences and solutions from real Mums brought to you by Pottiagogo - The Best Travel Potty for Easier Potty Training.

At Potty HQ we interview influential parents to have an open conversation on the topic of potty training.  This hot topic always brings about thoughts on the highs and lows of potty training. We hope it will help you all to talk a bit more about your worries and frustrations around potty training and allow parents to start feeling more comfortable when talking about their child’s potty training journey, especially as we are all starting to travel more.

We would like to introduce Hannah to you Hannah is Mum to Kendall and Kayla, she is all about sharing her motherhood journey. As a lifestyle influencer, she can be found on Instagram  @hannah_woodcock

Hannah has kindly agreed to share her potty training experiences and its surprises with us.

How many children do you have?


What region of the country do you live in? Tyne and Wear

What baby or toddler presents would you recommend that helped your children reach developmental milestones?


How old was your child when you first started potty training and how did you know they were ready?

2.5 years old. She had been showing all the signs when she was 2.

What were the biggest potty training challenges?

The change from being naked in the house waist downwards and using the potty to having knickers/pants on and using the potty

What was her real day to day experience like?

After giving up with potty training and delaying the start for 5 months where Kendall was showing all the signs but panicked when she started to ‘go’ without her nappy on, Kendall and Hannah had a breakthrough mid May.

‘Out of nowhere Kendall took herself to the potty and used it totally unprompted and since then she's only used the potty and had no accidents.’ 

‘I took the travel potty outside on our walk but had a nightmare. One of the two liners I took with me was being blown away in the wind and it ripped. So with the other liner I did some indoor photos where she actually did a wee and pointed at it afterwards haha’

Do you have any funny/embarrassing potty training stories?

When using the potty we have a routine of emptying the potty straight into the toilet. Our youngest who is 1 likes to copy her big sister & so when she weed In the potty she went to pick it up and empty it herself but of course spilt it everywhere.

What do you love about your Pottiagogo?

The ease of use & how small it folds up.

How often do you take your Pottiagogo on your travels?

Every day.

What are your top potty training tips to advise other parents?

Don't stress and follow your child's lead.

This sounds like your patience and following your child's lead really worked for both of you so really well done to both of you 

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