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‘Potty Talk’ Series - An Interview with Kiera Mai

Hey everyone, we’re excited for you to meet our next ‘Potty Talk’ series guest, Kiera Mai. We at Pottiagogo are thrilled to say that this monthly blog series has brought about plenty of open conversations with real parents about the highs and lows of potty training. We hope it will break down the taboo of potty training and allow parents to start feeling more comfortable when talking about their child’s potty training journey.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce Kiera Mai to our ‘Potty Talk’ series. Kiera Mai is a parenthood influencer, who can be found on Instagram sharing her insight into her family and experiences she faces with her young children. Kiera Mai has kindly agreed to share her potty training experiences with the Pottiagogo community.

Let’s find out more about Kiera and her potty training journey…

1. How many children do you have?

I have two children, Isla who is 3 years old, and Sienna who is 18 months old. 

2. What region of the country do you live in?

We live in Hertfordshire.

 3. What baby or toddler presents would you recommend that helped your children reach developmental milestones? 

The main presents which I feel really benefited the girls were: books, walkers, jumperoos and building blocks. I also found that incorporating walks in the park and nursery rhymes from a very young age were also really beneficial for the girls’ development.

 4. How old was your child when you first started potty training and how did you know they were ready? 

 I potty trained with Isla when she was 2 years old, but she just wasn’t ready, so I wanted to wait until she understood a bit more. When she was around 2.5 years old, she would always compare herself to Sienna saying she was a baby, so we tried it again. As Isla is so independent and wanted to “be a big girl”, I would say to her “babies do wee-wees in their nappies like Sienna, big girls do it in the potty or toilet.” She would sit there and really think about what I had said until it suddenly clicked with her!

 5. What were the biggest potty training challenges?

I would probably say having a younger child does put pressure on you! Sienna was very clingy so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to spend time supporting her potty training. 

 6. Do you have any funny/embarrassing potty training stories? 

When we were on holiday, we were at the park and Isla had announced she needed to go to the toilet. So, we ran her to the toilet, they were quite far away and the whole time she was screaming that she had changed her mind, saying ‘she didn’t need a wee!’ (just because she wanted to stay at the park). We got near the toilets and she had repeated she didn’t need to go. We put her down on the marble floors in the hotel and of course, she couldn’t hold on any longer and went on the floor  - I’ve never seen Joseph scoop her up so quickly! That is the only accident she has ever had in the daytime! 

7. Why do you love your Pottiagogo? 

It’s so convenient and means I don’t have to put nappies on her when we go out! It’s very lightweight and compact so fits in the changing bag, meaning I don’t need to carry it separately. 

8. How often do you take your Pottiagogo on your travels?

Every time we go for walks out and about.

9. What are your top potty training tips to advise other parents?

Wait until they are ready, if you do it too early they get confused and have accidents! Don’t worry about how old everybody else’s children are. When you start - just go for it! Don’t keep putting nappies on them as this confuses them and they will just go in their nappies instead. 

We have more ‘Potty Talk’ blogs coming your way in the series so look out for them! 

We hope you have enjoyed our second ‘Potty Talk’ series with Kiera Mai. Come back next month to hear more potty training stories and tips from real parents!

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To find out more about Kiera’s family life, check her out on Instagram at her handle @islaandsienna!

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