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Help - My Little One Has A Potty Training Accident Every Day

We understand it can feel as though you are starting all over again if your child begins to have frequent potty training accidents after a dry period, but don’t give up hope! Pottiagogo has gathered the following advice from real parents and we’re here to help. Use the following advice for times when you’re facing regular potty training accidents and unsure what to do next.

Regular Prompting

Offer regular prompts to use the potty to help stop your little one from having accidents every day. They could be having accidents because they don’t take regular trips to the potty. One of the many benefits of Pottiagogo’s Travel Potty is that you can bring it anywhere with you, so your potty training efforts don’t have to stop when you’re out and about. The Pottiagogo Travel Potty comes in various colours that can help your little one to show an interest in their potty training. Prompt your little one to use their potty every thirty to forty minutes to see if they would like to go. Regular prompts will help your little one to remember that they need to go sometimes and will be less likely to have an accident if they try going. 

Look Out For Non-Verbal Indicators 

Your little one might not be able to tell you that they need to go, which can lead to potty training accidents. Instead look for non-verbal cues that may suggest they need to go. Is your little one doing the ‘potty dance’, pulling at their nappy or making unusual grunting noises? Has their body language changed or have they gone quiet all of a sudden? These can all indicate that something is happening before your little one has the chance to verbally tell you.

Say What You See Potty Training Method

If you notice your little one about to have an accident, say something along the lines of “oh, you’re about to go to the toilet! Can you hold it?” And try to pick them up and sit them on their potty to finish. The idea of this is to teach your little one the feeling of needing to go and controlling it until they're on their potty. Remember to stay calm and say well done for all potty attempts.

Type of Clothing for Potty Training

Parents have said that putting your little one in looser trousers means you can quickly help them to pull them down easier and get to the potty before an accident happens. Practice pulling the trousers up and down together while they are learning how to use the potty. If the weather at home is warm enough, parents suggest letting your little one run around in the garden in their pants while potty training to help make things a little easier for them.

Find The Balance Between Prompting and Over-Prompting

Whilst prompting is one way to help with potty training, prompting too frequently can have the opposite effect. Your little one may begin to resist their potty training if they are being prompted too frequently, so it’s ideal to find the right balance between prompting and over-prompting your little one to avoid potty accidents. Parents suggest using a timer as a prompt every 10 minutes to remind both of you to try. 

Find Out Why Accidents Are Happening Again

If you have had success with your potty training, but are now facing accidents every day, try to find out what’s caused it. Insight from real parents informed us that a reason for going from dry days and nights to having frequent accidents again can be as simple as the novelty of potty training has worn off for your little one. Another reason may be that your child is developing a different skill such as speaking, and potty training is too distracting for them right now. No matter the reason, try to be patient, it’s likely that your little one will be ready to try potty training again soon. 

The Pottiagogo Travel Potty and biodegradable potty liners can easily fold up and fit into a backpack, so you can be prepared wherever your day takes you. 

We hope that this advice will help you when facing daily potty training accidents; this phase won’t last forever! Stay patient and try to understand what your little one is communicating to you. 

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