Potty Training Girls Vs. Boys

Potty Training Girls Vs. Boys

When it comes to potty training there is a gender divide between boys and girls. It is important to understand those differences to help your child through this stage and save some stress for both of you. 

The right time to start potty training depends on each child, but there are a few factors to consider right at the start. 

Girls generally show an interest in potty training earlier than boys, some girls can be ready as early as 18 months but there will be others who have no interest until they are much older. 

Boys can take a bit more time and are generally a few months behind. Many aren’t ready until they are at least two years old. As we said every child is different and you might have a son who is ready at 18 months and a girl who isn’t ready until much older – so it is important to look out for signs of readiness. 

Little girls are usually more patient and will sit on a potty quite happily talking to you, or looking at a book. Boys can sit down for a few seconds before bouncing up and running off again. 

How to Choose a Potty

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Girls: You can pretty much buy any potty and it will work just fine, our travel potty comes in Flamingo Pink which might appeal to your daughter. 

Boys: You will need to find a potty with a splash guard at the front, and will save on a lot of mess. The design of our Pottiagogo Travel Potty means that the disposable potty liner encases the whole seat and acts as a splash guard, making potty training on the go very easy. 

How to Stock Up on the Right Potty Time Supplies

While you'll find many of the basic potty time supplies required are suitable for both boys and girls, but you could also try some of the following. 

Girls: It can help to have a doll that uses a nappy and comes with a small potty. Then your daughter can practice helping her doll to use the potty. You can also find books about potty training aimed specifically at girls. 

Boys: Boys love something that is geared towards them, and again you can buy books that target boys in particular, and that feature cartoon characters or superheroes. 

How to Choose Potty Training Rewards

Both boys and girls will respond well to rewards, such as a small piece of chocolate or a sweet. Keep a stash on hand, and remember to bring some with you when you go out, the reward needs to be instant!

How to Address Accidents

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Girls and boys will have accidents, even long after they seem to have finished potty training. You'll need to carry a change of clothes and wipes with you for emergencies, sometimes boys can take a little longer to be reliably dry. Having a travel potty with you, ready to go, should help keep accidents to a minimum. 

Girls: Nobody likes the feeling of being wet or dirty, usually it bothers girls a little more than boys. Which can be an added incentive for many girls. 

Boys: Boys tend to have more accidents than girls and parents often report boys are sometimes not too concerned about being wet or dirty, especially if they are in the middle of something fun. The best thing you can do is to be prepared with spare clothes and wipes to hand. 

Regardless of whether you are training a girl or a boy, try not to get cross when accidents happen. Making potty training a negative experience can make your child reluctant to try. If your child is having a lot of accidents, it could be because they weren’t ready, there is no shame in this, just quietly leave it for a few weeks and then try again. 


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