Potty Training Stories From Real Mums

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Potty training can be a trying time for most parents, with plenty of stressful and amusing moments - which can make good memories to share with friends and family. Some may not feel that funny at the time, but they become quite hilarious once you can look back and think "I survived". Read our blog post for some laugh out loud stories from real mums...

Potty training

My 4-year-old twin girls, Maggie and Madison always tell each other how big their poop is; it's like a competition to them. One morning Maggie had a pretty big one and she was super proud to tell her sister that it looked like a tree trunk. Later that afternoon, Madison came out of the bathroom screaming in excitement and wanted everyone to come see her poop. She said, "I told you, Maggie, I'm a princess, cause my poop looks like a castle!” - Wendi Matthews.

“My son did well with potty training, but he hated missing out on the fun of playing. I would see him outside standing as still as a statue with his legs crossed and know it could only mean one thing. God love him, at least he managed to hold it!" — Sandy H.

My 2-year-old daughter will ask me if I have to go potty and will tell me "C'mon, Mama, hurry! Hold it! Don't pee-pee in your pants!" Then she'll go to the bathroom with me, and she'll watch me sitting in the potty while saying, "You can do it, Mama, you can do it." When she hears me peeing, then she'll say, "Wow! Good job, Mama! You did it! You want a treat?" I think it's funny that she thinks I'm potty training too! - Florie Williams.

Potty training stories

“Once when my son was pretty much potty trained, I took him into the restroom with me at work. After we were both finished and had washed our hands, we walked out into the hallway and he loudly said, "Did you poop, Mum? Did you poop?" Pretty embarrassing, but it's what he was always asked!” - Risa Phillips.

“Believe it or not, potty training was really easy and uneventful. He was only about 18 months old, and I got him Ninja Turtle underwear and he would do anything to avoid messing them up. The only catch is that he would strip down and pop a squat outside if he was busy playing." — Marilyn M.

“My son and daughter are 15 months apart. I was bribing my son with sweets to sit on the potty. My daughter was a year old and wanted treats, so she proceeded to take off her nappy and pee in the potty! She was so shocked and excited that she did it, and then even more delighted to get sweets! My son then followed and was potty trained in less than a week!” - Jennifer Weisend Myers.

“Where do I start?! The very first day I tried potty training my terror of a two-year-old he magically managed to have a poo in his potty and then projectile vomited all over the floor and himself due to the smell. It sickened him so much that he hasn’t used the potty since. Instead, he has taken it upon himself to poo in his ‘safe place’ – the shelf of his wooden tool bench! - Stephanie.

Potty training

“We potty trained V the old three-day method. Lock yourselves in the house for three days (sort of) with no pants. And then slowly make your way out into the world with underpants on for short periods of time. Our first outing was an early dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby. We were so worried she might have an accident and asked her every two seconds if she had to pee. Nope, nope. She did totally fine! No accidents! Except, that while eating a piece of calamari, her gag reflex got the better of her and she threw up all over the table! Sadly, she has done this many times in her life! It was just funny because that hadn't even occurred to us, we were so worried about the potty accident possibility!" — Jane K.

"My oldest was three and still wore pull-ups at night when my youngest decided at 18 months he was ready to 'go on da toilet.' He ripped off his own nappy and did just that. Boom. Potty training was over for my youngest. He never had an accident or wet himself at night. It was weird and wonderful." — Bryanne S.

"We were hosting an outdoor party when my daughter suddenly yelled loud enough for everyone to hear, 'I have to go!' and proceed to pull her dress over her head and pee in the middle of the garden. Thankfully, the concept of privacy eventually caught on." — Jill K.

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