Three Great Dinnertime Recipes for Toddlers

Three Great Dinnertime Recipes for Toddlers

Dinner inspiration is hard to conjure up at the best times for adults. If you add the current situation and little fussy eaters into the mix, it’s nothing short of a miracle to keep meal times exciting for the whole family.

These days we are fortunate to have a host of inspiring toddler friendly recipes available to us online, so we have picked a few of our favourites to help keep dinnertime exciting in these testing times.

Dinnertime recipe #1

Kid friendly Shepherd’s Pie cups from eazypeazymeals

First up, here is one meal idea that will keep your little ones quite literally smiling. This incorporates an age old winter warmer recipe with a child-friendly twist that means that the famous smiley potato faces are featured. Perhaps the smiley faces can act as a compromise at mealtime and could help a fussy eater become a little more adventurous. What is also great about this recipe is that the ingredients can be portion controlled in a muffin tin and the leftovers can be used for lunchtime the next day. This helps to keep food waste down too, which is a win win.

When it comes to the addition of meat in this recipe, beef mince tends to be a popular choice. However, lamb, pork or meat-free mince can be used. 

For ingredients and method details, click here.

toddler recipe

Dinnertime recipe #2

Red Lentil Lasagne from Healthy Little Foodies

This is a lovely winter warmer that everyone can enjoy. It is a healthy vegetarian recipe for all the family, and you don’t have to be vegetarian to try it. A quirky change from the traditional meat lasagne, this meat-free alternative is arguably no less yummy than a traditional lasagne. It has lots of fibre and roughage goodness, which should help to keep your little one’s digestive system in a healthy working order; making it perfect for potty training.

Check out the recipe for this yummy meal here.

 toddler recipe

Dinnertime recipe #3

Cheesy Spinach Pasta from Meg’s Meal Planning

Last but by no means least, this recipe is super quick and healthy, and should be ready for your family to scoff in just 15 minutes. It’s perfect for busy parents trying to make yummy meals for the whole family.

With just five ingredients that you might already have in your fridge, it can be whizzed up in next to no time, and might not even require a trip to the shop, which can be a blessing at a time like this. If you wanted to bulk it out further you could add cooked chicken, other vegetables such as bell peppers, or both meat and veg - the options are endless!

Discover how to make this quick and easy family meal here.

toddler recipe

We hope these toddler-friendly recipes have left you feeling inspired, and we hope they get the yummy seal of approval from your family!

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