Top 3 Summer Fun Camping Activities

Top 3 Summer Fun Camping Activities

Family travel and camping can be hard work and there are lots of things to remember to take with you especially if you want to create some Summer Fun and Summer Camp Fire safety tips.

Our aim is to help you bring a little more sparkle and share our ideas and tips to help you create some wonderful memories.

All of us here at Pottiagogo HQ want to get you and your little ones out enjoying life so we have put our heads together and come up with our Top 3 Summer Fun & Camping Activities to create family experiences to remember.

(1) Smores!

Do you even know what a Smore is? We didn’t until we looked it up and realised it was a word play on ‘Gimme Some More’ because it is so delicious everyone wants a second helping! 

Firstly you need to set up your campfire and get it burning down to the embers. Please be really careful here around the safety of your children as we want to make sure that no little ones get anywhere near the hot embers of the campfire and that no one gets hurt. You can read all about how to do that here. Campfire safety

So back to the Smores. The campfire has been going for a while and the embers are now glowing and you need to get the vital ingredients ready. You need big marshmallows for mega toasting, a range of crunchy biscuits to make the sandwich (think Digestives, Chocolate Hob Nobs), a bar of milk chocolate already broken into small slabs, 1 long toasting marshmallow stick per child (perhaps the kids can try and find these themselves?) and a few napkins to wipe sticky fingers. 

Now it's time to toast the marshmallows on the end of the stick. There is a bit of an art to this as the trick is to not burn it but make the sugar slightly caramelise on the outside and on the inside the marshmallow to soften in the middle. This is a great opportunity for a family competition as everyone know’s how to do it best! Each toasted marshmallow (thank you Daddy!)  should be squished between 2 biscuits with a small piece of chocolate from a chocolate bar for extra ooomph. Remember, the sandwich should be eaten when the marshmallow has cooled down a bit as they can be quite hot to start off with.

Top Parents Tip - A grown up should double check the marshmallows are cool enough to eat and voila campfire heaven pudding Smores and lots of smiles all round!

(2) Glow Sticks

Children of all ages love glow sticks and they lend themselves to all sorts of creative fun. Glow sticks are readily available online and in lots of retailers and we recommend getting a range of colours and 10 to 15 per child to keep them busy. 

Just imagine after a great day at the beach you could ask your children to make up their own campfire dance show and then just before bedtime and just as it's getting dark you can let the fun light show begin. Send us your videos and we will put them on our social media! Yay. You can find some more fun ideas here: Scouts Activities.

Top Parents Tip - Make sure you follow fire safety guidelines and keep your little ones well away from the fire and embers. Make the inside of the tent extra special by using glow sticks inside the tent to make a pretty hanging light. Nothing could be more relaxing than going to sleep with the soft luminescent glow of the colours of the rainbow all around your little ones. 

(3) Peach Melba

For us a peach melba is a wondrous treat from the 70’s (how long?)  but in fact the peach melba was created by Auguste Escoffier in 1893 (even longer) and was created for a famous singer called Nellie Melba (along with Melba toast! Who knew?). There are numerous versions of this amazing pudding but we are suggesting a version that is easy to create around the campfire as an extra special treat. 

You will need a tin of peaches (enough for a peach each), a punnet of raspberries, raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, squirty cream. 

Top Parents Tip - Keep your ice-cream in a freezer bag as fire and ice-cream is not a great combination! Also speed of serving will be essential to stop it melting quickly so we recommend using a block of ice-cream as it's easier to cut up in a hurry. Ask the children to create a factory assembly line and give each one of them a role to do to create the peach melba. 

Child 1 puts 1 peach per bowl, Child 2 adds a few raspberries per bowl, Child 3 adds a scoop of ice cream, Child 4 adds a squeeze of raspberry sauce, Child 5 has the most important job as they add the final touch of the squirty cream. 

Fantastic job done just serve and tuck in, yummy. 

Top Parents Tip - It might get messy so make sure you have a few wipes to hand. 

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