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Changing the baby’s nappy. It’s no one’s favourite job, is it? Especially when they learn to twist and turn on their changing mat, it can be like wrestling a tiny gymnast. The task can be challenging enough at home, but there are, of course, times when you need to change your little pickles nappy on the go. Finding the best way to carry out the change can be tricky when there are no adequate changing facilities at your current location. So we’ve put together this list of top tips for changing your babies’ nappy anywhere!

Become a master of distraction

Wherever you need to execute the change, keep a selection of nappy-changing distractions to hand. These can be toys, shakers, or their favourite comforter. Don’t have anything to hand at your current location? Sing a fun song to keep them engaged or chat with them whilst cleaning their bottom. It might feel weird at first but just go with it. Your baby will be intrigued and in might just stop them from wiggling away, making an on-the-go change a whole lot easier. 

Enlist the help of a nurturing older sibling

Do you have a toddler who loves to get involved with their sibling’s care? This can be great in several ways. First, siblings are usually fabulous at entertaining their baby brother or sister and can be great helpers. Especially if you are holding the baby on the changing mat and have forgotten to grab the wipes before starting the dirty deed. Then your toddler will be more than happy to help out. 

Have an organised changing bag

Having a change bag with lots of pockets and compartments makes nappy changes 100% easier than trying to fish through a bag with just one big compartment containing everything and the kitchen sink. Organising your change bag in a way that suits you means you can have nappies and wipes in one section and clothes in another, making it easy to find exactly what you need in a hurry. Looking for a practical changing bag that allows you to organise your essentials? Check out the new pottiagogo changing bag here.

When disaster strikes - go down - not up

We’ve all had that moment when we look at the enormity of your cute bundles’ latest poonami and wondered how the heck will you get them changed without getting their hair and everything else covered in poop? Well, our best advice is if your baby is wearing a baby grow with a stretchy envelope neckline or vest that doesn’t button downwards, pull the vest/baby grow off downwards instead of rolling it over their head for a far cleaner change.

Invest in a good changing mat that can be used anywhere

Let’s be honest if someone popped you down on a cold thin layer of plastic, like a basic portable changing mat, you wouldn’t be impressed. The reason why babies cry when being changed on the go more than at home is likely to be because it’s just not as comfy as the one they have become accustomed to at home. Investing in a cushioned travel changing mat that wipes clean and has thermal properties means your baby will be more comfortable regardless of whether you are changing them in Costa or on the park bench. It will keep them warmer and feeling more secure than the average changing mat. 

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of your car boot

If you are out in the car, the boot or even the backseat can be the perfect surface to pop your little one down for an impromptu change almost anywhere. Just unroll your changing mat, and boom - it’s the ideal changing table on the go.

Consider switching to pull-ups

If your little one loves to twist and turn during nappy changes, have you considered trying pull-ups instead of a conventional tab nappy? Once your baby becomes more active, they are much more likely to wriggle to resist the nappy change, which can cause a headache when trying to secure the clean nappy. With pull-ups, you can simply pull them on like a pair of pants - much less faff. Also, when they need their nappy pants changed, the sides can be torn for easy access and rolled up just like a tab nappy. If your baby loves to fight nappy changing times - these are game changers.

Use the nappy as the first wipe

Nappies are not cheap, so we recommend getting a little extra use out of them during the nappy change. When you remove a soiled nappy, consider using the cleanest part of that nappy to wipe off the bulk of the poop, typically the front.  Then wrap it and finish the job with baby wipes. You save on wipes and get a little more use out of the nappy!

Onesies for the win

Baby clothes are the cutest, aren’t they? However, you would have quickly learned as a parent that complicated little outfits are not practical when you need to change a nappy regularly. The ultimate outfit for comfort and ease of access to change nappies anywhere is the onesie. They can be unbuttoned and pulled up or down, depending on the nappy situation you are dealing with.

Add the pottiagogo changing bag and teddy bear changing mat to your nappy-changing kit

Pottiagogo has developed a unique changing bag and mat for parents to make nappy changes a breeze. The new bag comes with ten zipped pockets so you can organise everything your family needs for a day out. There’s even a compartment for a travel potty for the growing family and plenty of room for all your essentials, as well as thermal pockets for baby feeds. 

The new teddy bear changing mat has been designed to fit neatly into our changing bag and is lightly padded with thermal properties to keep your baby comfortable and warm during those on-the-go nappy changes. It even features cuddling arms - perfect for holding a little wriggler in place while you clean up at the business end. The changing mat can also be used as a stand-alone nappy bag for short trips due to its zipped compartment with enough space to carry a nappy or two and some wipes. Perfect for when you need to nip out quickly but still want to be prepared.

We hope our nappy-changing tips help and make your next on-the-go nappy change that little bit easier. 

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