Pottiagogo Portable Folding Potty

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Potty Training with Less Stress

  • Starter pack Includes 1x Folding Travel Potty and 2x Disposable Potty Liner Bags
  • Unique one-handed flick opening mechanism which opens the potty in seconds
  • Upright safety lock to hold potty in position and prevent it from collapsing
  • Realistic ergonomically shaped seat to ease the transition to toilet
  • Includes potty liner bags with super absorbent pads
  • Easy to carry, portable, compact, and lightweight
  • BPA free and 100% recyclable

Don't forget to purchase extra potty liners

Easy to carry, portable, compact, and lightweight

  • BPA free and 100% recyclable
  • Size 13.5cmx23.5cmx22cm
  • Weight 388g

Potty training couldn't be easier.

The speed of potty under the botty can make all the difference

We understand that Mums are often so busy they only have one hand free to deal with their little ones, especially when toddlers can be so demanding. There is a time in their development when they can only give you a few seconds warning when they need to go to the loo. Speed of potty under the botty can make all the difference so we developed the world's first one handed opening mechanism for you.

Use this genius potty at home or on the go

Consistency is key when potty training so use the pottiagogo at home and when travelling to support your child's development. The reason we made it fold so small is to make it easy to take with you anywhere. To support learning, you can also ask other family members and your nursery to use the same potty too.

Potty training with less stress

We understand potty training is very daunting and can lead to the feeling of being alone and trapped at home, so we invented Pottiagogo to make sure you could get potty training tamed.