Pottiagogo Biodegradable Potty Liners

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Bag it and Bin it!

  • Includes 20 X biodegradable potty liner bags
  • Fit the liners easily and quickly onto the potty seat rim
  • Super-fast absorbing pad at the bottom and simple tie handles
  • Easy to dispose of and keeps the potty clean. 
  • Pre-fit the bags when the potty is closed and flat so it’s ready for the moments that matter
  • Made from eco-friendly biodegradable material

Easy to carry, portable, compact, and lightweight

  • BPA free and 100% recyclable
  • Size 13.5cmx23.5cmx22cm
  • Weight 388g

Make potty training anywhere a breeze

Our potty liner bags fit over the pottiagogo potty perfectly and they fit most other travel potties too making them great for every day trips out and about, car trips, camping, caravanning and festivals. For 'little accident' prevention why not pre-fit the liners onto the potty so it is ready in seconds for those potty emergency moments and no worries about how and where to clean your potty out before the next use, simply let the absorbent pad do its job, tie handles tight after use and bin it.

Friendly for the environment too

Our bags are 100% biodegradable eco friendly product you are helping us help the environment too