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My Toddler Hates Bathtime, Top Tips

If you are a parent of a toddler, you will be coming to terms with how certain things can cause your toddler to react differently, their personalities are developing quickly and they’re becoming more independent by the day. But what happens if they begin to resent the things that are needed, like bathing? As a parent, you understand that hygiene is paramount for your little one, so let’s take a look at Pottiagogo’s top tips to help when it comes to bathing a toddler who seems to hate bathtime.

Bubble Fun

What’s a bath without some bubbles? Bubbles can really make bathtime fun for toddlers and young children. You can blow bubbles and create fun shapes in the foam with your toddler to help them enjoy bathtime. You can also get your toddler involved in bathtime by showing them how bubbles are made; when you mix your bubble bath into running water. If bubble baths aren’t quite cutting it, you could try a different approach to bathtime fun. For example, using bathtime toys.

Fun Bathtime Toys

Do you have balls from a ball pit? If so, try using these balls for fun in your toddler’s bath. Pop some in and they will float in the water beside your toddler to create a fun distraction. Playing with bathtime toys can help your toddler to enjoy bathtime more. It doesn’t have to be floatable balls, find out what bathtime toys are available that your toddler might like and incorporate these into their bathtime routine. 

Be Calm and Gentle

If your toddler is showing signs of fear and reluctance to bathing, it is important to listen to what is going on for them. Are they afraid of the water or soap? Talk to them about what these things are and why it is important to keep clean. To help your toddler feel comfortable with bathtime, parents find that sitting in with their toddler when they are in the bath can help. Try to avoid splashing water into your toddler’s face by surprise and make sure that the water isn’t too hot or cold for them. Lower your toddler gently into the bathtub water and help them to feel comfortable by holding their hand if they want. Your toddler may also simply be too tired for a bath, so perhaps trying to bath at an earlier time in the evening is all that they need. 

Decrease The Frequency of Baths

If all of a sudden your toddler finds bathing very distressing, you can reduce the number of baths they take in a week. If you decide this, you can still clean your child with a washcloth on the days they aren’t having a bath. It’s normal for a toddler to reach a developmental stage where they are against baths. This stage won’t last for long and before you know it, they will be back in the tub, enjoying bath time again. 

Try Showering

Parents often use shower washes instead when their toddler seems to hate bathtime. Instead of having your toddler sit down in the bath, wash them standing up either in the bathtub, at the sink, on a shower mat or by you holding the showerhead safely and comfortably for them as they clean standing upright in the shower, under parental supervision. 

Show Them That Bathtime Can Be Fun

If your toddler begins to show a strong dislike for bathtime, you can try to bath when they bath. Run a bath for yourself and use your toddler’s bath toys in the bath. Show your toddler that you are enjoying your bathtime by using fun bathtime toys and playing with bubbles. Allow your toddler to wash at the sink during this time and not in the bathtub and see if they show an interest in bathing now that they’ve seen their parent do it. Eventually, your toddler will want to try bathing on their own again and at least this way you get to enjoy your own bath! 

Have patience with your toddler when they show signs that they hate bathtime. They won’t hate it forever and with these top tips hopefully, you can try new ways that will help you and your toddler get along just fine when it comes to bathtime. 

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