Potty Training At Night

Potty Training At Night

Night time potty training can seem never ending, but with these tips you can help your child stay dry at night. Hopefully that will mean a better night’s sleep for everyone. Most children will be dry during the day long before they are dry at night, some children can take another few months and for others it can take another few years to master dry nights. 

It is important to think positive, if your child is dry during the day then night time dryness will follow – these stages don’t last forever. With these tips and a little forward planning, hopefully your child will be dry all night before too long. 

potty training at night

Here are our top tips for successful potty training at night:

1. Take your time

Concentrate on helping your child to be dry during the day first. Once your child is routinely dry during daytime – then you can work towards dry nights. Every child will develop at their own rate, with some quickly progressing from dry days to dry nights, others take a while longer, so go at your child’s pace.

2. Plan ahead

Stumbling around in the middle of the night isn’t fun for anyone, so before you go to bed have everything you need close to hand. You can keep your Pottiagogo beside your child’s bed. So if they need to go in a hurry, you can set them straight onto the potty. You can also add mattress protectors and pads – just in case!

3. Get into a routine

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Ask your child to use the potty or toilet just before they go to bed. You can tie it in with washing hands, face and teeth to establish a good bedtime routine. Show them where the potty is, ideally right beside their bed, and tell them to come and ask for help, if they need it. 

4. There will be accidents

Just like day time potty training there will be accidents at night too, try to remain calm, reassure your child that accidents happen and that it’s no big deal. Having spare clothes to hand will ensure you can calmly get them dry and back into bed. 

5. Celebrate the wins!

Toddlers love to impress their parents and caregivers, so if your child is doing well- tell them how proud you are. If your child is dry during the day, dry nights will follow when they are ready. Just be patient and understanding when accidents happen. If there are lots of accidents at night, then maybe leave it a few weeks and try again.

Most children will be dry at night between the ages of three and five, even among five-year-olds, 20% will still wet the bed at night occasionally. Staying dry at night is a big step for children, they will need to be physically ready for it and they must also want to do it.


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