Playgroup & Potty Training: Real Stories from Mums

Playgroup & Potty Training: Real Stories from Mums

As your toddler grows up, they’ll reach the age of interacting with other kids and maybe join a playgroup. Playgroup offers interaction with other kids of the same age, which is an important stage in your child’s development. If all of this has you worried about your potty training efforts - you’re not alone.

Here we will cover key areas of potty training and playgroup. We’ve added some helpful stories from real mums to show how they coped when they faced this part of parenthood.

Get into a Potty Training Routine at Home

Starting at home, where your child is comfortable, try to use a potty routine. Using a routine at home will help your child develop the habit and learn the skill of going to the loo in a safe place. This understanding will stick with them when they are away from home, like at playgroup.

Potty Train before starting Playgroup

It’s a challenge, but try to stick to the training routine as much as you can. Aim to have your child trained to use the potty (or as close as you can) by the time your child is beginning playgroup.

What do I do if I’m struggling with Potty Training and my child is starting Playgroup soon?

It’s not uncommon to experience difficulty with timing. It’s a new experience for both parent and child; going off to playgroup. So it’s natural the child will face some confusion surrounding potty times and a few accidents may happen.

If you have been potty training at home, then it’s only a matter of time that your child will pick up the habit in their new safe place, playgroup. So try not to worry too much if accidents do happen.

Here’s what you should do between your current training and the beginning of your child’s playgroup.

Communication is Key

Whilst it might be your first experience with a playgroup, it probably isn’t for the childcare providers. They will have faced potty training issues before and are likely to have answers to your queries - so communicate with them.

Childcare providers will want to know what stage your child is at in their potty training journey. They will use this information to structure toilet times into the day and get an understanding of what support to offer your child at toilet time. Having clear, open communication will benefit your child, your childcare provider, and you - both for now and in the future.

Work Together

Assimilate a routine that works for both your child and care provider. Go over the routine and home and keep up at your end of the potty training agreement. Your child will form the habit of going to the potty and they will be able to enjoy the whole experience of what playgroup offers.

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If everyone is working towards the same goal, it will be much easier to achieve.

Avoid confusion

It’s wise to check that your potty training techniques align as much as possible. That way, you can keep things consistent for your child, hopefully limiting confusion as they get to grips with potty training.

Stories from Real Mums

A mum posed the following question online,

My daughter is starting playgroup soon, she's being potty trained (at home) and still has occasional accidents when she's distracted … Do I just let her go - will the staff do what needs to be done?”

They received the following advice from other mums,

  • Speak to the staff members - they will have an established routine from experience.
  • Before going to playgroup, tell your child to use the potty. If they don’t go then, try to get them to go when you get to the playgroup.
    • Pack extra clothes to take with her to playgroup and tell them at drop-off what your situation is.

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      You can read this thread on MumsNet.

      Strive to potty train in advance of playground starting as this will be one less thing to worry about when playgroup time comes for your child. Do try not to overthink the experience, it will happen eventually with the same potty training routines in place. We’ll admit it, potty training can be tough! So the best practice is to get a jump on it as soon as possible.

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