Reasons Why Travel Potties are Essential Items

Reasons Why Travel Potties are Essential Items

Potty training can definitely be a challenge for all parents. No matter what your plans are - whether you are out in public, travelling or simply going for your weekly shop, your child can surprise you by asking to go to the toilet. 

Leaving the house while you're potty training can be daunting for some parents, but having a travel potty with you wherever you go can help relieve your worry about possible toilet accidents. That is why at Pottiagogo, we have created the perfect travel potty for you to take with you during those difficult times when your child needs to go. 

So, Why Should I Purchase a Travel Potty?

1. Quick & Easy 

A travel potty is the perfect companion for those days out with your little one. If they need to go to the toilet - you can simply take them to the nearest bathroom, grab your portable potty and set it up so that your little one feels comfortable enough to go. At Pottiagogo, our unique flick open mechanism makes it the most convenient potty to use, be it at home, or on the go. Once finished, you can remove the perfect fit disposable bag and collapse the potty back down so it can fit in your changing bag or buggy. 

2. No Mess

No one enjoys cleaning up after your little one has an accident, especially if you are on a long trip or out and about. With travel potties like the Pottiagogo, there is no mess, as the liners protect the potty and can be thrown away (responsibly). Biodegradable Disposable Liner Bags are easy to place over the top and around the sides of a travel potty, making your long journey just that little bit easier for you and your little one!  

 no mess with travel potties

3. Easy to carry

Travel potties are designed to be more compact and easier to use when you’re out and about when compared to traditional potties, fitting easily into your bag or at the bottom of your buggy, making them the perfect travel companion. In fact, Pottiagogo’s travel potties weigh less than a bottle of water!

4. Works Anywhere!

Travel potties give you the flexibility to allow your little one to go anywhere (with obvious exceptions such as crowded places, where your toddler may not feel so confident!).

Therefore, to avoid bathroom meltdowns and to help your little one get used to the idea of going in public spaces, investing in a travel potty may help. It also means road trips and travel in general can become much less stressful without having to worry about where the next bathroom will be! 

 Pottiagogo travel potty

Why choose Pottiagogo?

Using a potty is a new skill for your child to learn. Therefore, it's best to take it slowly and go at your child's pace. Being patient with them will help them get it right, even if you sometimes feel frustrated. 

To help take the stress out of potty training, with antimicrobial protection and biodegradable liners which fit just right, the Pottiagogo travel potty gives parents a simple and portable solution to potty training on the ‘gogo’. 

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